With the Album feature, you can start a collection of limited-edition cards and earn coins as you make progress!


How does it work?

  1. The Album is open for players on level 8 and above. 

  2. Collect card packs by playing games or purchase them from marked offers 

  3. Earned cards will be automatically added to your album

  4. Complete card sets to get rewarded with coins 

  5. Win GRAND prizes when you complete all card sets!

  6. If you have duplicate cards, you can trade them for more cards and coins.

Types of Packs & Cards:

  • There are 6 different card packs

  • The number on the top left corner of each pack refers to the number of cards in the pack

  • Each pack contains a varied amount of cards with different rarities 

  • The pack rarity level indicates the rarity of the card inside. For example - a 3-star card pack will contain at least one 3-star card

  • Ace Cards are the rarest type of cards 

How do I earn card packs?

There are 2 ways to earn card packs:


 1. Play on tables with a card pack icon. The cards shown on each table are the ones you can win. Expert tip: Higher table bets increase your chances of winning better cards!

2. Purchase packages with the card pack icon