Introducing our new Board Game:


Roll the dice and jump from tile to tile to defeat the monsters and to earn exclusive rewards!

With every tile you jump on, you'll uncover new prizes.


Every monster has a life bar, landing on the lightning tile will reduce its life bar and help you defeat them.

When you defeat the monster, you will claim the prize it fiercely guarded and be one step 

closer to conquering the next one, and win even bigger prizes!

Beat all the levels to win the GRAND PRIZE!

How do you collect rolls?

  1. Play on the potion marked tables and tiles                                       
  • Land on the potions to collect them                 
  • Fill the bar to collect dice rolls 
  • Press on the roll button to move the board


  1. Special game features
  2. Special offers


How to play the game?

It is very simple! All you have to do is to click on the “roll” button to move the board and have fun ?

What tiles can you encounter on the way?

  • Teleport 


You will teleport from one tile to anther 

  • Lightning  


Fight the monster by striking it with a lightning bolt

  • Booster  

Double prizes to double the fun!

  • Prison 


It is bad to land on the prison, but you can always escape:

  1. by rolling the dice
  2. by paying the fee with gems
  3. or you can just wait for the timer…


  • Dice rolls



To increase the fun, adds more rolls to your balance

  • Banana  

Landing on a banana slides you one tile ahead and grants you the next tile’s prize

  • Gum ball machine 

Gum ball machine tile will grant you Go stars. Once you fill the bar, you will be able to play the Gum ball Machine. 

Inside the Gum ball Machine there are mystery capsules containing different prizes. You pull the level, and a capsule will roll down which will grant you amazing goods!

  • Random Pack

Random card packs that will help you progress with the album

  • Spin

An automatic spin with special prizes

  • Gems

Your regular, loved gems!

  • Coins

Excited to start playing? Teams party popper emoji

Have fun!